SAVE THE PLATEAU! Complain about the noise complainers…

SAVE THE PLATEAU! Complain about the noise complainers…

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The Plateau Mont-Royal is full of bars, restaurants, and music venues and is in some ways the cultural and artistic hub of Montreal. Let’s keep it that way! Let’s keep the Montreal scene vibrant! Please write a letter or email to Monsieur Luc Ferrandez, the maire d’arrondissement of the Plateau in an effort to convince him that this is important.

Monsieur Luc Ferrandez
Maire d’arrondissement / Conseiller de la Ville
Projet Montréal (PM)

Bureau d’arrondissement
201, avenue Laurier Est
5e étage
Montréal (Québec)
H2T 3E6
Téléphone : 514 872-8023

or by email at:,75021584&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&id=73689589

here is a link to all the representatives of the Plateau area, should you wish to write them:,74690088&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Sample letter:
Dear Mr Luc Ferrandez,

The Plateau Mont-Royal is full of bars, restaurants, and music venues and is in some ways the cultural and artistic hub of Montreal. I would like to help keep it that way. I recently attended a show at Les Bobards (corner St-Laurent and Marie-Anne) and it was unfortunately cut short when the police arrived at 11:50pm to respond to a noise complaint. The music was stopped and the bar was fined. Les Bobards, and many other music venues, have been around for years and years and have live music every night of the week. This is no secret and people moving to the neighbourhood know this.

In order to maintain the rich nightlife of the Plateau, and maintain its status as the cultural hub of Montreal, show venues such as Les Bobards must be allowed to have live music. Noise complaints cannot immediately result in a fine when, first of all, the music is kept at a reasonable volume and when, secondly, it is the case of a known music venue that has been in existence for a long period of time.

The Plateau is fun and full of life! I moved here to enjoy what is has to offer! If venues continue to receive fines for spurious noise complaints they will close, and this neighbourhood will lose the charm it once had. Please don’t let this happen.

A concerned Plateau resident.


press release: SAVETHEPLATEAU – press release – english


3 thoughts on “SAVE THE PLATEAU! Complain about the noise complainers…

  1. I agree, and admire your motivation to make this website and video protest. I support you. But a tiny word of advice….make a SHORT snappy lively video with musicians/music that states your case, so that people can share it and circulate it, with a link to a petition.

  2. I support you 100%. Cohabitation is not only possible, it’s in everyone’s best interest. The Indy scene is at the heart of our very rich cultural identity on the Plateau. It takes political will and Ferrandez is ambivalent at best, if not outright antagonistic. He recently came out with an election promise to set up a militia foot patrol to crack down on noise :
    “Le Journal de Montréal | 18 Oct 2013 | | | Paru il y a : 2j. 14h. | Page :
    Luc Ferrandez veut créer une milice contre le bruit
    Piétonnisation de la rue Gilford, changement de sens de plusieurs rues, patrouille contre le bruit… les citoyens du Plateau- Mont- Royal n’ont qu’à bien se tenir, car Luc Ferrandez compte mener à bien tous ses projets coûte que coûte, s’il est élu «…Sarah- Maude Lefebvre lSMLefebvreJDM sarah- maude.lefebvre @

    He also came back from a trip to Europe this summer saying how they had found the solution in cities he visited there by relegating night life and music venues to outlying industrial areas. I don’t see that as the solution, I see it as failure and a huge threat to the vitality of the scene and of our central neighbourhoods.

    I would love to talk to you more about this campagne you’ve undertaken and the work I have done to try to mediate situations these past four years in office.

    Piper Huggins

    • Hi Piper, thanks I’ve shot you a quick email with details on how to contact me. Would totally be down to talk further. I have seen the Journal de Montréal article and contacted Sarah-Maude about it.

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